At the Chelsea Hotel, the group got no answer to your knocks.  Returning downstairs, you were told by the receptionist that Jackson Elias was seen going into his room and was not seen leaving.  Jimmy persuaded the receptionist to open the room with the master key, which regrettably lead to the poor womans death as she was attacked by a thug, snapping her neck.

A fight then took place between the group and the thugs who were trashing the room.  Two got away, despite Jimmy's efforts to catch them, and the remaining one being incapaticated by Andre.  He was unwilling to talk however, leading to him being rendered unconscious.  The other thing that was painfully apparent was that Elias was in no shape to relate his story; he was sprawled on the bed with his bowls torn out in a ritualistic murder.

Death of jackson

Jackson Elias, murdered in ritual fashion

Once the team had combed the area for clues, they exited as discreetly as they could.  Jimmy was already on the streets having tried to chase down the other two thugs.  Andre attempted to carry the unconscious thug down the fire escape, but the aging metalwork proved to be too unstable, forcing Andre to drop the murderer off the fire escape and on to the unforgiving pavement below.

Clues FoundEdit

A letter addressed to Roger Carlyle

An elegantly engraved business card

An empty matchbox

A photograph of yacht

A business card on normal stock

A typewritten letter from Miriam Atwright

A lecture handbill

Symbol on Elias' head