Episode 1

André Roussimoff
Andre Roussimoff
Vital statistics
Profession Professional Wrestler
Age 38
Status Alive and Well
Location New York City
Aliases "The Giant"
Companies None
Cults None
Organizations None

In Episode 1 at the Chelsea Hotel Room 410 , Andre entered the room first after seeing the Desk Clerk being violently killed. Upon meeting the first cultist, Andre tackled him to the ground. While Mr Wong, Jimmy and Richard struggled with Cultist #2, Andre slowly and painfully broke all limbs of Cultist #1. Hoping to get information out of him, it proved unsuccessful. 

Episode 2

In Episode 2, still in the Chelsea Hotel, after Cultist #2 fled from the scene. Andre rolled the unconcious Cultist #1 in a rug and took him out via the fire exit. After realising that the external stairs would buckle under this weight, Andre through the Cultist 3 floors down, crashing into the alley with a sharp thud. Now resembling an enchilada.

From there the investigators went to Prospero Press and spoke with Hypatia Masters.